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GAR-LIN DAIRY Named MN Producer of the Year

Gar-Lin Dairy Named Minn. Producer of the Year

News Editor December 15, 2010

Congratulations to Gar-Lin Dairy Farms for being named Minnesota’s 2010 Producers of the Year! Minnesota Milk Producers Association recognizes one outstanding dairy operation as the Producers of the Year for having a proven commitment to the dairy industry, managing their farm for future generations, and for being active in their local community.

Gar-Lin Dairy Farms is a unique partnership between two very dedicated farm families in Eyota, Minn. The partnership was formed in 2006 and includes Gary and Linda Allen, Gene and Phyllis Speltz, Dean Allen, Dana Allen and Carey Tweten. Together the families have over 164 years of experience within the seven-person leadership team.

Their mission is to produce quality milk for today’s consumer, along with peas, sweet corn, and alfalfa. They strive to be competitive and efficient in the dairy industry, using modern technology and environmentally sound practices, while providing their employees with a quality place of employment.

Combining their years of experience with the youth and excitement for new technology, the two families have made many facility changes over the last few years focusing on cow comfort, herd performance and employee satisfaction. Their 34 full-time and 14 part-time employees help milk 1,800 cows, raise 1,700 youngstock and farm 2,800 acres. Having a rolling herd average over 30,000 pounds with a cull rate under 28 percent is a glimpse at their achievements.

The same commitment toward excellence bleeds into their community and industry involvement. The family members have hosted various farm tours for dairy producers, agricultural professionals, international visitors, and consumers. They’ve also hosted hayrides in conjunction with Eyota Days, served ice cream to over 300 people, and taught ag-in-the-classroom.

The families are also very involved with various local, statewide and national organizations. Dana Allen was also recognized by Midwest Dairy Association for serving on the Sustainability Council of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. Dana is leading a team of more than 50 researchers, scientists, and producers who are working together to accelerate the development and adoption of best practices.

Source: Minnesota Milk Producers Association

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