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Dean Allen manages the feed center and works with Jay Miller, the on-staff agronomist to harvest the highest quality feeds for the herd. Agronomy employees are a vital part of the 45 full-time employees. Dean is also the farm’s main maintenance man, "the guy to call when it doesn’t work,” at the dairy and agronomy center.


We use science and technology to continue to produce the best feed for our cows while caring for the land and our environment. We are committed to keeping our land sustainable for generations.

Since 1971, we continue growing all of our own crops for our finest livestock recipes formulated by our dairy animal nutritionist. Our stay point measure of success is 100% sustainability by supplying our livestock with our own grown feeds. The remainder is commodity specialties milled and supplied by our local cooperative. We use best crop practices, including no-till and continuous monitoring and conditioning of our soils.


Two new buildings were added to the property in 2017, a newly constructed facility for commodity specialties storage, mixing, receiving, and handling for all feeds, and the other building is used for our compacting tractors, weights, and other equipment. Crop dusting is hired for the dairy and cropping enterprise.​

From the field to the bunk, to livestock feeders, the GAR-LIN Agronomy crop and soil management system is proven to be sustainable and environmentally safe.

Gar-Lin Dairy's  GLS Agronomy Proven Sustainability Program Grows


As Gar-Lin Dairy began, this photo taken in 1970 shows the 480 acre north farm location that was purchased in 1980 becoming the home of GLS Feed Center serving as the hub with it's central location.  Today managing over 4,100 acres producing most all the dairy feed.

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