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At Gar-Lin Dairy, approximately 7 calves are born a day. Cows that are close to giving birth are monitored 24 hours a day and give birth in birthing pens with other expecting cows and social groups.


Calves are fed a gallon of their mother’s milk, known as colostrum, within the first two hours to support a healthy immune system.  Calves are then fed pasteurized milk and stay on the farm until approximately 4.5 months of age. At this time they are transported to and are raised by a heifer grower until two months before calving and are transported back to the farm with their from-birth social group.

First time calving heifers average age at calving of 23 months and are reintroduced to the farm 2 months before giving birth.


Our breed is mostly Holsteins and crossbreds, including Swedish Red, and Montbeliarde. Our full and part-time employees that work in the nursery are experts in calf care and make sure that every animal is well taken care of.


Award Winning Minnesota Dairy Producing Farm, Gar-Lin Dairy, LLC of Eyota, Minn., knows it takes good people to run a first-in-class operation.
As a community leader, Gar-Lin Dairy, LLC of Eyota, Minn., has a philosophy of partnering with local vendors and contractors as we expand our dairy and agronomy operations.
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