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Sustainability, technology and progressive agricultural practices are a few main goals of the dairy and we have hard-working professionals and educated staff to run the large dairy farm.

Technology is utilized for the dairy’s efficiency. Wise stewardship is an everyday practice at the farm with a sand separator used to recycle sand for the bedding, and nutrient rich manure is used as fertilizer applying it to the soil three times a year to maximize nutrient availability for the cropping enterprise to optimize nutrient utilization by the crops we grow replenishing the soil in an environmentally sound revitalization process.


Variable speed drives are used in the barns when available to decrease energy use, along with energy efficient lighting that is used throughout all the barns. A plate cooler is used to cool milk which utilizes well water to transfer heat. The milk is first cooled with well water down to 60 degrees. That water is collected and recycled and used to provide drinking water for the cows. Then milk is cooled to 37 degrees with an energy efficient glycol chiller. Our waste water is used five times before being applied to the fields.


Award Winning Minnesota Dairy Producing Farm, Gar-Lin Dairy, LLC of Eyota, Minn., knows it takes good people to run a first-in-class operation.
As a community leader, Gar-Lin Dairy, LLC of Eyota, Minn., has a philosophy of partnering with local vendors and contractors as we expand our dairy and agronomy operations.
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