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For cows at Gar-Lin Dairy, every day is a beach day. Cows are housed in barns with sand-bedded free stalls, with continuous access to fresh water and feed. Thermostat-controlled fans and sprinkler systems keep cows comfortable in warm weather. The stalls and pens are cleaned three times a day; fresh sand is added twice a week to keep the cows clean and dry.

Dean maintains the sand separator that captures 93% of the sand to be washed and dried for reuse as recycled bedding in the free-stalls. The water and solids are then pumped to a 14 million gallon liquid storage facility to be used for the agronomy to be distributed to the fields as needed for the cropping operation.


Nutrients are applied to our fields 3 times during the year to optimize nutrient utilization by the crops we grow to feed our cows. We use manure as a natural fertilizer, this completes the environmentally sound practice of nutrient recycling - from soil, to plant, to cow, back to soil.


Award Winning Minnesota Dairy Producing Farm, Gar-Lin Dairy, LLC of Eyota, Minn., knows it takes good people to run a first-in-class operation.
As a community leader, Gar-Lin Dairy, LLC of Eyota, Minn., has a philosophy of partnering with local vendors and contractors as we expand our dairy and agronomy operations.
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