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1,850 cows are milked three times a day in a 50-cow carousel parlor. The parlor is used twenty-one hours a day and shut down for three hours a day for maintenance and cleaning.


Four people do the milking with a fifth kept busy moving cows from the barn to the holding pen to the parlor. The people doing the milking stand in the same area while the cows rotate around. It takes approximately 11 minutes for the carousel to make a full revolution;

We can milk 265 cows per hour. Our cows produce 12 gallons of milk per day and that milk is used to make cheese at Land-O-Lakes.


Award Winning Minnesota Dairy Producing Farm, Gar-Lin Dairy, LLC of Eyota, Minn., knows it takes good people to run a first-in-class operation.
As a community leader, Gar-Lin Dairy, LLC of Eyota, Minn., has a philosophy of partnering with local vendors and contractors as we expand our dairy and agronomy operations.
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